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Strawberry body shape 

Sass out your strawberry body shape with our quick do’s and don’ts below. 

Also known as the ‘inverted triangle’. Your upper half will be the larger part of your body, with the hips being the smallest measurement. You have great legs and an envious bust – read on if you feel you need some balance for your strawberry body shape!

Sassy Strawberries!  

A supportive, underwired top with cup-sizing is the one for you. A darker colour on top with brighter or patterned bottoms will balance you out. Avoid tiny pants – try bottoms that add volume – ruched sides, ruffles, hipster/wide side pants. Boy shorts will also help create curvier hips. Try an asymmetric or a halter one-piece.   


With a great collection of styles to mix and match, you can choose the best combination that suits your personality and your Strawberry body shape. 

Bikini tops

Halter neck, scoop and square necks all do you a service. If you have a larger bust, go for an underwired top. Plunge necklines help to make the body appear narrower. Thick straps will also give you more support.  

Bikini bottoms for the strawberry body shape

Bright bikini pants will draw attention to the narrower part of your body, as will any ruffles or embellishments if paired with a darker top. Bikini bottoms with a high-cut leg will showcase your legs. Tie-side bikini briefs will also bring focus, but add volume to the slimmer hip areas.


We are all different shapes and sizes, and if you are a strawberry body shape – a swimsuit that drawers more attention to the bottom half of your body, maybe the one you want to go for as it will give you a more balanced silhouette. 

An asymmetric swimsuit could be the one for you Strawberries! Also, team up with your Apple friends and try thicker straps to help create the look of narrower shoulders. 

A quick recap for the Strawberry body shape

Bikini tops – underwired tops, dark colours, or prints 

Bikini bottoms – shorts, hipster pants, brighter than your bikini top 

One-piece swimsuits – halter neck, asymmetric, feminine 

Try to avoid 

Embellishments on top 

High necklines 

Prints and colours that draw attention to your top half