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Pear body shape

How to enjoy your pear body shape to the max!

The Pear body shape is also referred to as the ‘triangle’. Your upper half will be the smallest part of your body, with the hips being wider than the bust and shoulders. Your waist will be defined. You have some sexy shapely hips on you Pears, read on if you would like to bring extra attention elsewhere!

Playful Pears!!

Mix and match your bikinis with a patterned top to show off your bust and flatter your shape to the fullest. Avoid bikini bottoms that are distinctively wide or narrow. Go for a higher-cut bikini bottom to elongate your legs, but a classic shape will also look great. A square neck swimming costume, or one with frills on top.

One-pieces for the pear body shape

It can be difficult to find a one-size-fits-all swimming costume, but we will absolutely have something for you! Wide V or U look great on you, as well as tops with more detail. A boat neck swimsuit also flatters your shape. Embellishments, frills, or ruffles at the top of your swimming costume will add more volume and focus attention to the bust area.


–A great choice for your pear body shapes, as separate pieces make it easier to balance out your already great, feminine shape. Because we sell all swimwear items separately, you can choose the right sizes for your top and your bottom!

Bikini tops

Bandeau or strapless tops look great on a pear, as well as colourful or patterned tops – which will draw attention away from the wider part of your body if you prefer.

Bikini bottoms

A standard or classic shape bikini pant is the one for the pear body shape – or try a hipster style bottom. If you wish to keep attention away from your wider hip area, opt for a darker color on the bottom. Low-cut bikini bottoms will lengthen the torso, high-waist bikini bottoms will accentuate the waist – take your pick, or pick both!!

To recap

Bikini top – bandeau, fills, halter, push-up

Bikini bottoms – hipster, block colours

One-piece swimsuits – padded tops or patterns that bring attention to your bust