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Hourglass body shape

Optimise your hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape? You lucky thang! You are probably the easiest body shape to dress – but don’t hesitate to look at our suggestions below! Your shoulders will be slightly rounded. Your upper and lower measurements will be roughly the same with a narrower waist measurement.

Audacious Hourglass!!

Sweetheart necklines and bandeau tops look hot on you audacious hourglass gals! Opt for a high waist bikini bottom to enhance those curves. If you are feeling extra cheeky, why not try one of our string pants!?

Swimming costumes for the hourglass body shape

You will look fab in any style swimsuit as you have well-proportioned hips to waist ratio. Find a suit that accentuates the waist for an extra flattering look. Sleek plunge one-pieces will bring attention to the waistline, and cami suits will show off your figure to the max!

Sweetheart necklines look great on an hourglass body shape! Choose an all-over pattern to keep the ‘balance’ of your hourglass figure.


A two-piece is the way to go to show off your hourglass figure to the fullest. All our pieces are sold separately, so you can choose the perfect combo to suit your style and your shape

Bikini tops

Bandeau tops will look fab on you hourglass gals – why not go wild and opt for some of our brighter colours? Crop tops will accentuate the hourglass body shape as they drawer attention to the waist. Halter neck tops show off your cleavage and draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

Bikini bottoms

All bikini bottoms would suit an hourglass, we would recommend trying our Rio bikini bottoms if you are feeling extra sassy! Depending on your hourglass shape, some low-rise bottoms may make your torso appear longer, but your legs appear shorter – if this is the case, a high-waisted, high-cut leg is the more balanced option for you.

To recap

Bikini top – strapless, bandeau, sweetheart

Bikini bottoms – any – but high waisted bottoms will enhance your curves

One-piece swimsuits – cami topped suits


Anything that imbalances you figure