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Rectangle Body Shape

Best Swimwear for a Rectangle body shape

The best way to rock your rectangle body shape

The rectangle body shape– also referred to as the ‘athletic body shape’ – will be straight with little to no definition. Your hips and shoulders will about the same measurement. The waist will have little definition.  You have a great athletic build, but read on if you would like to add some extra curves.

Rectangle Rebels!!

To add curves to your figure – try feminine touches like ruffles around the bust or side-ruching on the hips.  A sneaky bit of extra padding will give you an extra boost if you so wish!! Try padded tops or plunging necklines. If you would like to create more of an hourglass figure – look for suits with detail on the waistline such as a belt or trim


Get rebellious in a plunging neckline or opt for a padded top to add curves. A low back swimming costume will add curves from behind, and anything with details around the bust or hip areas will give a feminine feel to your athletic build.


Bikinis are just as helpful at creating the illusion of curves on the rectangle body shape as swimming costumes, handpick your favourite style from our collections – however you want to show off your body

Bikini tops for the rectangle body shape

Try some ruffles on top or a bikini top with a moulded cup for a more feminine touch. Tie-front tops will bring focus to the centre of the chest, and of course – padded bikini tops will add more curves!

Bikini bottoms for the athletic body

Ruched or adjustable sides will add some extra volume to the hip area, as will wide side-tie bikini bottoms. As with bikini tops, frilled bikini pants will add curves – also keep an eye out for skirted bikini bottoms. Alternatively, opt for a high cut to draw attention to the hips!

To recap, for the Rectangle body shape

  • Bikini tops – frills, ruffles, halter high neck, moulded cups
  • One-piece suits – belts, padding, plunge front and (guess what?) frills and ruffles!
  • Bright colours and patterns look frikkin’ great on your athletic shape!

What should I avoid?

  • Bandeau or square necks
  • Vertical stripes
  • One-pieces with high necks.
  • Boy shorts as they will shorten the legs and